Our Story

Beginning in 2009, the company founders saw an opportunity to successfully penetrate the energy drink market with a new, great tasting, less expensive energy drink, available not only in cans, but also as a bag-in-box packaging system to accommodate hospitality retailers with soda dispensing systems such as bars, restaurants and hotels.

We went to a well-known and established flavor company and hired them to formulate an energy drink equivalent to Red Bull, the industry leader, but with a mandate to make the drink taste much better, and to eliminate the after-taste which everyone we polled complained about. We believed that the energy drink did not have to simply be functional, but by tasting great would be more sought after, even ultimately becoming a mixer rather than just an energy boost.

After nearly a year of formula development, trademarking, taste testing, test marketing, interviewing bar and club owners, collecting consumer feedback, and setting up and making deals with suppliers, we finally launched our first products, the Regular, carbonated 8.4 oz. formula in the blue can, as well as the Sugar Free in the purple can.

The other side of our line which we are excited about is the “All Natural” formulation we have developed. We first put it out in a 2.5 ounce energy shot. It has no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, has mostly organic ingredients (95%), is high in antioxidants, and has only 30 calories, which provides a much healthier alternative to the industry leaders such as 5 Hour Energy. We include acai berry, pomegranate juice, guarana, ginseng, honey, green tea, yerba mate, blueberry, cranberry, pear and apple juices! 20% of the drink is real fruit juice. This formula, we believe, will appeal to all those who are more health conscious but would like the energy boost at times rather than a hot cup of black coffee as their only alternative.

Since the initial release, we have formulated and tweaked our products until we were certain that it they are not only the best tasting, but also the most effective energy drink out there. With the Untapped Original, Untapped Sugar Free, and Untapped All Natural energy shot, we have gone above and beyond to make sure that we have given people the ultimate taste and the energy to be the best that they can be.